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The Society studies the rich diversity of regional furniture-making traditions, and the social and cultural context of furniture from the earliest times to the present day. This includes the development of furniture designs in relation to vernacular architecture and the organisation of domestic interiors. It is also concerned with evaluating workshop practices, the use of tools, construction techniques and the surface treatment and decoration of furniture.


A low Windsor armchair: Yew with Elm seat made in Worksop. Notts., circa 1825
Dr B D Cotton


The Society was founded in 1984, and is now well established with over 750 members including collectors, furniture makers, restorers, antique dealers, museum curators, students and furniture historians. There is a growing membership in North America and we seek to share in the study of the origins of American, Australian and Canadian furniture along with all other countries where British influence is found.



This well illustrated annual scholarly publication entitled "Regional Furniture" is wide ranging in the scope of articles included. Back issues are available for purchase, but the current volume is only available to members.



Published three times a year containing shorter articles, book reviews, discussion between members and information on current events and activities for members.



Conferences and visits to study furniture in particular areas, often including places not normally open to the public, all over Britain and abroad. Meetings are friendly, the source of much good fellowship and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and level of expertise.


Offering practical help and experience in such things as photographic techniques, research methods, wood identification and analysis, as well as traditional furniture-making practices.



The Society offers bursaries of up to £1,000 to students and other members to encourage research into regional furniture and its publication.





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